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You look at Leo, sitting across the dinner table from you. You place your hands shyly in your lap and give a small, hasty massage to quiet your needs for a moment. Xander is still speaking, and Leo, like everyone else at the moment, is facing him at the head of the table. But not you. Your sinful, greedy eyes rest upon the curvature of Leo's jawline.

They feast on the imaginary action of the clothes sliding off of his body.

leo x reader lemon wattpad

You are ashamed, but you have always felt so geared towards him. You would never tell your other siblings, but sometimes, you and Leo would sneak off to experiment. Luckily, Silas taught you almost everything you needed to know when you were small children. Your stolen kisses and frequent touching weigh heavy on your hazy mind, and you wish desperately to escape somewhere quiet with Leo once more.

You know you're more caught up in this than he is, but your little brother just gets you so worked up. You know he shouldn't.

You feel so guilty, and yet your guilt stems more You feel bad for not feeling bad enough. It's impure to feel so strongly for your brother. But you see him so infrequently. And he kisses so softly. And you just love him dearly. And you want him badly, so badly, so intimately. He makes it seem so natural and right, as though you weren't siblings at all.

You suppress your shock. The high prince of Hoshido, and your birth mother — the queen of Hoshido, has told you some of the wildest news to have ever graced your ears. You feel suddenly overwhelmed and yet The news is so much to take in. Your mother is dead and you have powers beyond common comprehension. A dragon? A great, ancient, astral dragon's blood runs through your veins. You are in awe and amazed.

Takumi glares at you scornfully, and scoffs before turning away from you.

leo x reader lemon wattpad

A knot forms in your stomach and you think about Leo. You miss him, as well as your other siblings. Takumi really reminds you of him. You have chosen Nohr. You could never betray your family and side with strangers, regardless of their story and cause. You know your path and cause are wholesome and good, and though guilt weighs heavy on you, you know this is the way to avoid more casualties than this war could ever be worth. You apologize more times than you can count.You pulled the curtain open slightly, hope rising up in your chest.

Sorrow washed over you as the small balcony that was right in front of your window remained empty. You sighed as you pulled the curtains closed. Two years ago, a close friend had left for a training mission in Central America. His name was Leonardo, and you had a hopeless crush on him. At first you wanted to deny it, considering he was a six foot tall mutant ninja turtle.

What it took for you to actually accept your crush on him, was him telling you and his brothers that he was leaving for a year. You had even planned to tell him your feelings for him just before he left, but as you raced towards the lair, you found Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo walking back. Leonardo was not with them. Leo had to leave this morning. Donnie hugged you, and you gladly accepted it and started to cry.

Donnie was quick to scold him. Over time, things just got worse. Donatello and Raphael started to argue over everything. You felt bad for Mikey, as he and Don were close and would usually come over whenever Leo and Raph fought. Maybe once or twice a month. You hated going to the lair nowadays.

It made you panic. You were scared that something had happened to him, like he was captured or killed. The thoughts still even creeper into your mind every now and again. But you hoped. Every night you would look out your window. He was never there. You wanted Leo here, you wanted him to hold you, to kiss you, to let you know that he had made it home safe and sound.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But no. Leo was probably dead in the jungles of Central America. He would have returned if he was alive. A sudden knock on your window made you look up. You could barley see him, his soft amber eyes giving his presence away.

You scrambled to get the window open. A smile came across your face and you threw your arms around him with no hesitation. He held you tightly and buried his face in your neck.You just smile and walk into the kitchen to make yourself a drink.

You both was staring at each other in pure silence, and you could both feel the sexual tension and chemistry, not sure weather to move. He grabbed you by the waste and lifted you into the air and slammed you into the wall, passionately kissing you while squeezing your hips. I hope that you feel better soon! My inbox and PM are always open if you want to talk. I tweaked it just a little bit as well.

I also put it under a cut. Keep reading. Originally posted by loreenya. Posts Archive. PART 1. Time skip - 2 hours. To be continued. Paramount is struggling to find a hit in recent years, and they're hoping the third time is a charm for the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" f. Andrew Dodge has signed on to write the script for the mysterious new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Michael Bay will be back once again as a producer of the new Ninja Turtles film. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast. Send me requests, asks, anything! I really wanna post more often. Anonymous asked: Hi there, I havent felt so well as of late. Ive been actually really down. I was wondering how Raph would feel if him and his girl got into a really really big fight and he didnt know she was having a really bad day already; so when he left to get some fresh air, she downed pills in her bathtub only for him to show up just before she could fall asleep?

I also put it under a cut Keep reading. New Raph blog. See this in the app Show more.Okay, here it is! This one I kinda based off the turtles but it really can go for any version of them. I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone again, and made it kinda steamy. Leonardo watched you from afar, his eyes narrowing as Raph leaned in closer you and whispered something into your ear.

You blushed heavily and started to giggle uncontrollably. Raph simply smirked as you did. The boys were on their mating season. Splinter had told you it would be better if you stayed out of the sewer and away from the ninjas if you could help it. However, you had been spending the past couple days with the turtles and the most they did was flirt with you. It made him jealous.

He stalked back into the kitchen in order to avoid the shenanigans his brothers were causing with you. The genius blushed madly as you did so. Needless to say, you were rather enjoying the attention.

You never had anyone flirt with you or fight over you, so this was a new experience and you wanted to savor every moment of it. Mikey fell to his knees and wrapped his arms around your legs. Mikey sniffed and held you tighter.

Donnie rolled his eyes and let you go, shaking his head at his little brother. Apparently this was good enough as he let you go and stood up. You burst out laughing as the two turtles fought each other. Donnie sighed to himself. You decided to walk into the kitchen to get something to drink.

You jumped as you entered, seeing the blue clad turtle standing against the wall. You would have gladly let him whisper into your ear and hold you tightly.

Heck, you even fantasized about him pressing you up against the wall, pinning your hands above your head, kissing you, ripping your clothes off…. You had to stop your train of thought as you felt your cheeks heat up. Those thoughts were highly inappropriate, and you mentally scolded yourself. He looked back at you, his eyes dark and lustful.

The area just below your stomach seemed to flare up. Leo got up from his spot on the wall and walked over to you. Instead, he placed his hands on either side of you on the counter. You gasped as he pressed himself against you. Your chests, stomachs, and hips were right against each other.Leo placed the weight back on the holder as he heard the door to the dojo open.

He couldn't help smiling as he saw Raph walk through the doorway. Even though he'd been back for two days, this was the first time he'd been alone with him since the fight on the rooftop. Out of all of them Raph was the only one that didn't change his sleep pattern during Leo's absents; Mikey and Donnie had to be awake during the day for their work, and Splinter woke up the same as them to fit in a morning training session before they started.

Raph usually stayed up for training and then went to bed, only waking up when it got dark enough on the streets for him to get to work with Casey. He knew that Raph had given up being the Nightwatcher to join his brothers again.

The two of them fell into an awkward silence, not sure what to say in light of the circumstances. You know, for what happen on the roof. I didn't…". Leo was cut off as Raph spun around to lock their lips together; holding the side of his face as he deepened the kiss.

Raph blinked pulling his hand away from Leo's cheek, his eyes narrowing as he registered his brothers words. You left for two years, Leo! Didn't even keep in contact half the time, and now you want to stop this!

Leo sighed, coming over to hold the punching bag in place for Raph to continue his onslaught. Raph inhaled sharply. He didn't want to say it but he knew he owed Raph at least an explanation.

Raph's head snapped up to stare at Leo. The two of them had dreaded their father learning about their relationship since they'd started. Raphael knew that tone in Leo's voice, it was one he'd heard all too often before; Leo was going to tell him to stop.

Before Leo could say another word Raph had him pressed up against the wall, trapping him between his arms, and silencing him by pushing their lips together in a heated kiss. Leo automatically started kissing back, his hands coming up to rest against Raph's plastron, pushing lightly but not enough to break the kiss. They only broke apart a few minutes later when they both needed to break for air.Leo's gaze was stuck on the television as he awaited for his favorite show, Space Heroes, to resume.

Maybe it would get his mind off of the dirty thoughts lingering through his mind He had lost track in an attempt to try and avoid it this year. But he couldn't. He was so scared he'd hurt name. He had only been dating you for three months, and one of his worst fears were hurting you. But soon he felt the strange lust emotion clouding his mind, and soon Leo felt everything change You sat on your bed, texting April about how the guys were acting strange to you last time you visited.

A few moments later, she replied that they acted the same way yesterday during her visit. Right as you were typing in the next message that came to your head, you heard a gentle tap on your window. Curiously, you crept across your bed, glancing at your locked door.

Your parents were out late tonight, so your only protection was your phone. As you stare out your window, you jump as you see Leo. Did he need to tell you something? He usually never came to your house alone without an important reason. Opening your window, you let your boyfriend inside your house.

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Leo x Male!Reader

Registered in England and Wales. Registered address: Bedford House, Fulham High Street, London SW6 3JW, United Kingdom. Please upgrade your browser. Will he announce the existence of alien life. Whimsical as these situations might sound, there is a growing market for betting on an already unpredictable Trump presidency.

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Leo Valdez X Reader Lemon Fanfic

They include which member of the Trump administration is likely to resign next Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a 2-to-1 favorite and whether the president will seek to have his likeness added to Mount Rushmore this year, at 100 to 1. The likelihood that Mr. Trump will announce that alien life exists: 20 to 1. Despite the popularity of bets involving Mr.

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leo x reader lemon wattpad

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